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Bloomoak Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Oversized Cat Eye Frames for Women-Computer Glasses

Bloomoak Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Oversized Cat Eye Frames for Women-Computer Glasses

Elevate your style with Bloomoak's trendy cat eye frames! Our 99% Blue Light Blocking Glasses not only protect your eyes, but also add a touch of playfulness and vitality to your look.
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Reduce Eye Fatigue+Sleep Better

Long term exposure to the screen leads to significant blue light absorption, eye fatigue, and migraines. By using bloomoak cat eyes blue light blocking glasses, you can say goodbye to these troubles.
Blue light exposure before going to bed has been proven not only to make falling asleep more difficult, but also to reduce the quality of sleep recovery. If you do not give your body enough quality sleep, you are at greater risk of physical and mental problems.

Latest Amber Anti- Blue Lens 2023

Our lens filters out 100% blue light (400nm+) and 99% harmful rays [spectrum 380nm-450nm], double the blocking effect of ordinary anti-blue lens, relieving headaches and migraines caused by staring at screen for long time.

Stylish Cat Eye Frame

The glasses frame is made of TR90+metal (only 26 grams) and spring legs. Even if you wear it for 7 hours, you barely feel discomfort on the nose and head.
The fashionable cat eye frame is suitable for various facial shapes, better matching with clothes, making wearing more fashionable. Enhance charm and increase confidence.


Bloomoak ’s mission is to craft to provide optimal eye protection and set new trends.Bloomoak was founded in 2010 by a group of engineers and designers.who innovation lies in combining cutting-edge design with unparalleled UV protection, making every pair a perfect companion for those who value style and eye health.

Bloomoak products with sales in over 50 countries and reaching 2.5 million consumers.