Night Vision Glasses 

Question 01:
Would these help for vision whilst reversing. Im a hgv driver working at night?
01、These glasses reduce glare at night and are very good but not ever having reversed an articulated truck I cannot really answer honestly. If you keep reversing into things when reversing perhaps spec saver may be your better option?👀👓👓. The night driving glasses are not overly expensive and would be worth a try, they certainly make vision clearer both day and night. It's just a thought but make sure your rear view mirrors are kept clean along with your windscreen. Another thought? If you do purchase night driving glasses and still keep reversing into things you can take it that you are just CRAP at reversing.
02、Yes they improve your night vision in all conditions. They are at their best when bright lights are in your face.
03、Hi Dave ,where I find these glasses most useful is definitely at night what they do for me is make whatever I am doing around bright lights more defined ,if your reversing into bright areas then definitely you’ll see more ,they take an hour or two to get used to,personally I put them on All the time when driving at night now ,my eyes feel much more relaxed after a night shift. Hope this is helpful.Steve.
04、These glasses minimise glare, and they work whether you're reversing, driving forwards or even sitting on the toilet.
Question 02:
I dont wear glasses for driving. Are these glasses ok for me fir me?

01、I don't wear glasses for driving either but I wouldn't be without these in my car. They are good on a grey day and make things clear and I wouldn't drive at night without them. Truly suitable .

02、My husband doesn't wear glasses at the moment having had a cataract operation but these glasses are brilliant at night in cutting out glare from oncoming vehicles. A very good buy.

03、Neither do I, but I use these everyday. They just take the glare off lights. They do not affect your vision in any other way. Superb for heavy bright traffic and street lights