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Bloomoak Polarized Over Glasses, Dark Sunglasses for Men Women,Wraparound Black Sunglasses

Bloomoak Polarized Over Glasses, Dark Sunglasses for Men Women,Wraparound Black Sunglasses

Polarised Over Glasses - the perfect blend of practicality and style for prescription glasses wearers. These sunglasses are specifically designed to be worn over your existing prescription glasses, offering a seamless and fashionable accessory for everyday use.

Elevate your eyewear experience with Polarised Over Glasses - the practical and stylish solution for prescription glasses wearers. Enjoy clear vision, eye protection, and enhanced style with this essential accessory for any outdoor adventure or daily endeavor.


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Fit Over Glasses

Ability to be worn over prescription glasses. These polarised sunglasses can be worn comfortably over existing prescription glasses, making them a very practical and stylish accessory indeed for those who need to wear prescription glasses. It has a non-slip design that keeps the sunglasses firmly in place no matter how active you are like this.

HD Polarized UV400 Protection

Featuring TAC polarised lenses. TAC Polarised lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, relieving eye fatigue and preventing eye damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. At the same time they reproduce true colours and eliminate reflected or scattered light. In addition, these lenses are impact and scratch resistant, making them extremely lightweight and durable.

Wrap-around Protection

Provides wrap-around protection. Bloomoak's full wrap-around design provides complete protection for the eyes and their areas from the sun's harmful rays. Ideal for dry eye and hay fever sufferers. Suitable for most outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, surfing and golfing.


Bloomoak ’s mission is to craft to provide optimal eye protection and set new trends.Bloomoak was founded in 2010 by a group of engineers and designers.who innovation lies in combining cutting-edge design with unparalleled UV protection, making every pair a perfect companion for those who value style and eye health.

Bloomoak products with sales in over 50 countries and reaching 2.5 million consumers.